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1979 - 1990 between the years Adapazari Modern Industrial Estate as the AK STEEL MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY ARTICLES steel appliances and office supplies since 1990 while serving in the field of TÜVASAŞ started to produce spare parts for rail vehicles , we
In 1996 Orhangazi Cad. No.40 at Adapazari Akçelik Furniture Manufacturing TİC.SAN.LTD.ŞTİ commitments . We have increased our production capacity as spare parts . TCDD with subsidiaries in TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ Since 2000 we started to serve .
In 2004 Lower Cherry neighborhood Eskisehir Street at 1000 square meter closed area of 800 square meters in open space , starting Passenger Wagon and Locomotive casings belonging to the manufacture of spare parts and this ongoing process , Sand Blasting / Painting / Cleaning service investments for the realization of our capacity to a total of 5000 square meters closed area 17,000 square meters, additional open the current facilities have enabled us to achieve our greatness area .
TÜLOMSAŞ (Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. ), to
DE24000 - DE22000 - E43000 - DH7000 - DH9500 hood type locomotive maintenance / repair / overhaul , and the new production , DE24000 maintenance of locomotives belonging to the cooling unit ,
TÜVASAŞ (Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. ), to
V1 - V2 -V3 modernization of passenger wagons , complete Maintenance / Repair
We also have spares in the areas we serve.
TÜDEMSAS (Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. ), to
KS type Platform Cargo Wagon , Balancing Wagon and Platform Type Tank Carriage Wagon new production by making further two and four -axle wagons partial revision is made outside of that framework available TÜDEMSAS generated by railway vehicles manufacture of spare parts are doing.
Akçelik of investments Sakarya / Pamukova 10,720 square meters in the Wagon and Locomotive Maintenance / Repair / Modernization of the Facility is located.
Our company flat products ( steel, stainless steel and aluminum , etc.), piping, cutting, bending, welding , press, jobs and plasma cutting works in the customer requirements and customer satisfaction by providing the industry leader to come to the research and development and equipment investment by speeding up the quality while maintaining to meet the needs of the domestic market as well as export and work in this direction aims to provide the speed .
Akçelik Co. Ltd. Vision: Metal Industry in both domestic and foreign markets high quality products , timely delivery , customer satisfaction as its principle focus on the continuous development of its personnel with the sample and become a leading institution .

In line with our vision of every commercial , moral and legal rules respecting and fulfilling the letter of these rules ; customers , employees and their contribution in relation to all sectors where a dynamic organization that continually being developed .
For this, the philosophy of Total Quality Management and continuous development from conception to record continuously in principle perfect trip .
Our company society and to the environment that integrates an understanding is fitted with environmentally aware of their responsibilities , the people and the safety factor is mindful of the employees best suited to their working environment to ensure the priority target and occupational diseases and accidents at work to minimize a task has adopted .
To do this, Ak Steel Products,
Environmental and occupational health & safety laws, regulations and standards fit.
All personnel working on site allows you to work in a safe and healthy environment .
Using environmentally friendly inputs in projects that will occur in the future and the next generation of environmental pollution moan aims to leave an environment more livable .
When using natural resources in an environmentally sensitive approach and energy consumption is continuously looking for ways to save money .
I understand the importance of safety issues by all the staff , suppliers and subcontractors of companies provides the necessary training to promote .
"Zero Accident" is the implementation of a policy that recognizes that the success of our company at the same time makes it a destination on behalf of continuous improvement .
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Address: Aşağı Kirazca Mah. Eskişehir Cad. No: 159 Arifiye / Sakarya  Telephone: 0 264 2294395 - 96  E-Mail:
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